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How To Safely Trap Cats for TNVR

Cats Anonymous, Covered Live Traps
Cats Anonymous, Covered Live Traps
Trapped cats require care and continuous monitoring.
    For the best outcomes:

  • Only trap cats the night before their scheduled TNVR visit.
  • Keep trapped cats covered at all times.
    Trap covers keep the cat calm and quiet.
    This is important for your safety, the safety of the cat and our team.
  • Move trapped cats to a safe, warm and dry location.
  • Look for any trapped mother cats that may be nursing.
    Read this important article by Alley Cat Allies TNR Scenarios: Nursing Mother Cat
    Mother cats with young 0 to 8 weeks old must be released immediately.
    Kittens 8 to 12 weeks may qualify for TNVR. Contact us for details.
  • Check in on them frequently and throughout the night.
  • After their operation, cats need time to recover.
    Read this important article about post-op care by Alley Cat Allies Post Surgery Care
To learn all of the important steps about trapping and the care of trapped cats, visit
Neighborhood Cats – Trapping Basics.

Quick trap guide
Trap in action

Remember: Always keep trapped cats covered

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