There are many great, free resources on helping feral cats! Here are a few links to common questions and issues.

Cat Spay and Neuter Resources in Wisconsin

Good Neighbor: In order for our program to be a success we must gain the support of our neighbors. Please keep this in mind when issues arise in your area.

Neighborhood Cats

Neighborhood Cats was formed in 1999 to promote trap-neuter-return (TNR) as the most humane and effective means of solving New York City's severe feral cat overpopulation crisis. This web siteS contains a host of comprehensive articles, data and resource materials aimed at their mission of "making TNR work for your community."

Feeding Stations: Every colony should have a designated feeding area that is protected from the elements and well maintained.

Shelter: Cats within managed colonies must be provided adequate shelter. We have provided some information on how to construct your own cat "condos."

Trapping: In order for a feral cat to be spay/neutered, vaccinated and ear tipped, they must be trapped. We have provided an instruction sheet to assist with the process.

Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies is the only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats. An engine for social change, Alley Cat Allies was the first organization to introduce and advocate for humane methods of feral cat care, particularly Trap-Neuter-Return, in the American animal protection community.

How To Socialize Feral Kittens

How To Determine The Age of Kittens

Stray Pet Advocacy

A comprehensive clearinghouse of research, data and articles on the most pressing issues facing feral cat activists. "It is the goal of this web site to consolidate sources of information that pertain to issues affecting homeless, stray and feral companion animals and to provide the research and advocacy materials you need to achieve the necessary changes."